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Nestled among Pennsylvania's spectacular Appalachian Mountains, hidden in a quiet valley, lies AGAPE' FARM.  285 acres of forest and meadow invite you to enjoy the beauty of God's creation while hiking and relaxing, surrounded by streams, fields and woods.
Groups will find this quiet country setting perfect for renewing relations with your Creator and each other. Walk the fields where more than a million worshippers have raised their voices and where thousands have come to know Christ. The Agape' Farm is a beautiful natural setting for Christian teaching and learning; time spent here in prayer and fellowship will have a lasting impact. A favorite hike leads to the top of Mount Zion, a 300 foot mountain overlooking the farm, offering a spectacular view.
Bring your family and spend a night, weekend or longer at our campground. Family camping makes for an inexpensive vacation. There are a number of area attractions.

Seasonal campsites available.